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What is the Bowie Boys and Girls Club (BBGC)?
The Bowie Boys and Girls Club (BBGC) is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.  The Club was established in 1963 and remains committed to its mission of character building, integrity and teamwork.  As the BBGC enters a new season of sports, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce new and improved services.

What is BBGC Program Travel Baseball?
BBGC Travel Baseball’s mission is to provide youth baseball players an opportunity to improve baseball skills through quality coaching and higher levels of competition. The proram strives to create a positive baseball experience for each player. Teams are composed of 8U through 14U players who love baseball and want to develop their skills and understanding of the game.

Our travel program is more competitive and time consuming than our intramural program. It is designed for players who are serious about baseball and desire to compete at a higher level of play.


Why should my child choose your team over the other teams in the area?
The first and most obvious difference is that our team is significantly less expensive.   We also don’t play daddy ball – referring to the coach’s child playing either preferred positions or increased playing time, in exclusion to other more athletically gifted players.  Parents who have experience our team and others team have indicated that they feel a tangible sense of comraderies with our team.  The practices tend to be planned and executed thoughtfully, and the program retains as unusually high number of players because it is fun!

When did the 10u-B Bowie Bulldogs Travel Team start?
Over 28 kids came up for 9U tryouts in February 2017.  The BBGC Baseball Commissioner split up the teams to two.  The team was created in March of 2017.

How many player do the team wants to carry in 2018?
The team desire to obtain 11-13 travel ready players for its roster.

What is the cost to play for the team?
The cost to join our team is only $150.00 per season, plus $40 to pay for the uniform.  In addition, each player is expected to sell $75 in raffle tickets (15 tickets at $5 per). The team can also have additional fees to cover tournament costs or other baseball activities (end of season celebration, etc.) outside of normal league play.  The team uses sponsorship and fundraising to minimize out of pocket costs.

Are traveling expenses included in the team fees?
No, all travel expenses, including hotel rooms, are the responsibility of each player. The team doesn’t plan to have any overnight trips in 2018.

Will players be rotated through the positions during the season or will they be assigned certain positions?
Players will play more than one position during the season.  The primary goal of our team is to develop overall baseball skills.

Can my child play on your team and play flag football or another rec sport in the fall?
We encourage players to remain engaged in other sports. Players must commit to make our team their primary sport. For safety reasons along with commitment and scheduling conflicts players will not be permitted to play on another travel baseball team.

Does Bowie have any geographical boundaries which limit participation?
No, Bowie does not have any geographical boundaries. Kids may participate on a team, regardless of address, provided that they are able to live up to the commitments and expectations of the team.

How much travel is actually involved?
The geographic region for most games are in Anne Arundel and Prince George’s as well as adjoining portions of Calvert, Charles, and Howard counties in Maryland along with select locations in Washington DC.

We are planning to play some tournament games out of town in 2019.

What is the commitment level?
The commitment level for our program is higher than that for the Intramural Program.   The coaches make a significant commitment to the success of our program and provide continuing education and training to our players. In return, players are expected to participate in all games in the season as well as any tournaments that the team chooses to enter. Not being able to attend a game during the season for a reasonable conflict is not a reason to disqualify oneself from our team, but players who know they will not be able to commit to attending games should consider participating in the Intramural program.

As well, players are expected to attend practices on a regular basis. Once again, missing an occasional practice session is acceptable, but in general, our coaches expect players to attend each session.

In order to participate on our team, this baseball commitment must be a player’s primary sport during the spring season, and conflicts with other sports and non-family social commitments are expected to be resolved in favor of commitments to the team.

Is the team all about winning?
The 10U-Black Bowie Bulldogs Team is a competitive travel team program.  As such, we play every game to win — but never at the expense of good sportsmanship, team play, player development and having fun. Some games are more competitive than others, and some games offer better opportunities for teaching and development.

Where are team practices held?
Our team practices in 2018 will be at Jericho Park and Allen Pound in Bowie, Maryland.

If my child cannot make practices, will he be penalized?
Our players are expected to have regular attendance and attend at least 90% of practices and games. This is critical for coach instruction, individual skill and team development. However, we will not hold it against a player if they are unable to attend a practice due to unusual circumstances. Please communicate with the Head Coach if your son will need to miss a practice or game.

Will my son play?
Yes. A core philosophy is that every player on our active team rosters will play. We believe in developing our players by giving all players the opportunity to play in game situations. Some games will end prior to 6 innings, in which case players sharing time may play less than 2 innings in that particular game.

Please keep in mind that this is TRAVEL BASEBALL, we will play the best players at each position. There is NO guarantee that your son will play the position he likes or the position you think he deserves to play.


What is my player’s League Age?
For the Spring 2018 baseball season, your “League Age” is defined as your age on April 30, 2018. For example:

  • A player who is 10 years old on April 30, 2018, should attend the 10U Tryouts.

Are current/past players required to participate tryouts each year?
Yes. Our team holds annual age-group open tryouts for all new players and current players. All players are required to tryout annually.

Do I need to register my child for team tryouts or can I walk up?
You must register your child for tryouts in order to participate. We may not be able to accommodate players who do not register to tryout in advance. Tryout registration will be announced on our website at least one month before tryouts are held.

Do players tryout for specific positions or tryout for the team in general?
Players will tryout for the team, not specific positions. However, if there are specific positions a player is interested in or has significant experience in, please note that to the coaches at the tryout.

Is my player guaranteed a spot on the team next season?
No, each player must register every season. Both Prospective Players and Current Players must attend one Tryout session to be considered for the Spring 2018 team rosters.

If my son doesn’t make your team, can I tryout for the 10U-Orange Bowie Bulldogs team?
Yes. You are highly encourage to tryout for the other team if you don’t make our team.

What is the selection process?
Those wishing to play on the team are selected based on an assessment of their ability to compete at the Travel level relative to other players. The coaches evaluate each player using several criteria including technical skills, athletic ability, and character (meaning, in this context, a player’s demonstrated enthusiasm, effort, positive competitive spirit, and positive interaction with other players and coaches). Players will be rated on these criteria through a variety of drills and small-sided scrimmages during the tryout.

Are tryouts “open tryouts”?
Yes. This means that every year, tryouts are open to anyone of the proper age regardless of where they played previously. The essence of open tryouts is that there are no “guaranteed spots” on the team from year to year. We recognize that children progress and mature at different rates.  The coaches may bring some knowledge about a player from the prior year, but coaches will evaluate players based on what they see at the tryouts.

Players should only try out if they expect to be able to meet the commitments and expectations of the program.

How do I prepare my child for tryouts?
Your child should definitely spend some time with a baseball ball prior to tryouts – fielding, catching, throwing, running, pitching and hitting. Indeed, this is a good thing to do regardless of whether your child wants to try out for the team.

How and when will I know if my son has made the team?
Generally players will be notified and offered a position within a week after the final tryout date.  Once all notifications are made, the roster is generally posted on our website.