As weather tends to change throughout the day, our team approach to weather is as follow:

  • If it is raining, no practice
  • If it recently rained, probably outfield practice only
  • If you hear thunder or see lightening, no practice

The head coach will email or text all parents at least 75 minutes before practice or game to inform ONLY if practice or game is cancelled. If you don’t hear from the head coach than practice or game is still on.


Our coaches have dedicated lots of time to the development of your child. We will do our best to ensure the further development of your child’s skills on and off the diamond. All of our coaches will act in an appropriate and professional manner.


All players are required to hold the bat by the barrel when moving from place to place. The only time a player is allowed to hold a bat by the handle is when they are preparing to swing at a ball.


Players need to be at practice on time. If practice starts at 6:00 PM, all players should be on the field, dressed in proper baseball attire (with a team hat) and ready to begin at 6:00 PM. This does not mean you are pulling up to the parking lot at 6:00 PM and your child takes 5 minutes to walk to the field and then takes another 5 minutes to put on their cleats. It takes valuable practice time away from the team if coaches have to stop and warm up players who show up late. If you are going to be late or have to miss practice, please contact a coach in advance if possible.


Players should arrive to the game at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled game time unless specifically told otherwise by the head coach. The same on time policy is expected as practices.


During practices we will try to give players an opportunity to play a variety of different positions. Please keep in mind that this is TRAVEL BASEBALL, we will play the best players at each position. There is NO GUARANTEE that your child will play the position he likes or the position you think he deserves to play. There is also NO GUARANTEE for EQUAL PLAYING TIME. We will be playing against better competition for the 2018 season. Our best 9 players will be on the field as much as possible and we will bat 9 or 10 players for high stake league games. One of the main reasons why we have lots of assistant coaches is so we can work more 1 on 1 with players who need additional instruction. Not all players develop at the same rate. A player might start the season as substitute player and by the end of the season they could be a starter. All decisions are made by the head coach to put the players in the best position to make the team better.

Regardless of where your child shakes out in the playing time or lineup mix, it is important that your communication to him be positive. If he hears you talking about what a bad deal he’s getting, or something similar, his attitude is going to suffer. And if his attitude suffers, there is nearly no chance that he’ll earn more playing time or time at a different position he likes better.

Conversely, if he really is deserving of more playing time and I’m just missing it, if he keeps working hard, trying his best and bringing a positive attitude to the field, I’ll notice it. I can tell you that if a parent comes to me to complain about position or playing time, then forever after that, if the player does move up or play more, you’ll have to wonder if it was something he earned himself, or if it was something that came as a result of your complaint. On the other hand, if everyone takes the attitude that “the cream will rise to the top,” and is patient, then you’ll know that everything your son gets is deserved. (The latter feels much better). Everyone will have their chances to show what they can do in the game. It is important that they are prepared for those opportunities, and make the most of them.


Coaches and Players are the only people allowed in the dugout or around the bench area during the game. Parents, friends and other family members must stay from the dugout or bench during the game. We encourage parents to cheer on their child and our team, but please avoid from trying to coach your child from the stands. If a coach has a specific need or we request a parent volunteer, we will do so. We will have plenty of time between games for our players to eat, relax and talk with their parents.


During practices, games, warm ups and team meeting we expect to have 100% attention from each player. If a player is unable to show up on time, following instructions and be a helpful member of our team, our coaches will discipline the players as we feel is best suited for the problem. Players may be asked to run for a specific amount of time, asked to sit out, asked to do push up or sit ups or be suspended from the roster.

We fully understand these are young children and they may still get emotional if they strike out or make an error. We will not except public displays that will embarrass our team, coaches, players, or parents. If a player throws his hat, bat, helmet, glove, equipment bag or another person’s property they will be immediately told to leave the field. Based on prior behavior, a player may or may not get a second chance.